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Mailbox Features Basic Professional Details
Mailbox1/2/5/10/25 GB1/2/5/10/25 GBSize of the mailbox can be allocated as per the user’s requirement
SSL enabled POP/ IMAP/ SMTP access to mailboxUser can securely access the mailbox using any POP/IMAP based email client
Advanced Threat Protection ( ATP)Advance Malware Scanning with Sandbox, Forged Email Detection ( Display Name Spoofing), Embedded Malicious URL Scanning, Cousin Domain Spoofing, Business Email compromise ( BEC),  Zero Hour Protection,  Anti-Malware, Opportunistic TLS,  Potential Dangerous Attachment, Premium Multi-Layered, Multi tiered Antivirus & Antispam
AJAX based Web AccessUser has desktop class AJAX based experience on the web.
Two-Factor AuthenticationAfter a layer of UserID/Password, an additional factor (extra layer) of authentication is involved, like a code generated on your smartphone.
MS Outlook Sync2 Way sync from Outlook to Web using ZCO
CollaborationUser has the facility to share his mailbox, calendar & contacts with domain user
ActiveSync for Smartphone3 Way sync of Mails, Calendars & Contacts can be achieved through ActiveSync feature

Further Details of the features

Description of Service Admin Management Features Details
Email Security SPF/ DKIM Support all major spam control method of SPF/ Domain Key Signature (DKIM)
DMARC Supports DMARC email validation security system
Spam Notification Alert Enable Spam Notify for User/s, so as to receive spam digest emails
White List/ Black List domains WL- Mail from listed domain name will reach user even if it is stamped as Spam
BL – Mail from listed domain name, email addresses will be quarantined even if it is not a spam mail
General Features Password Policy Password is set to maximum 8 characters in length (Password complexity should include 1 uppercase character, 1 lowercase character, 1 special character & 1 numeric)
Password Age Policy By default password age is set to 30 days, users receives 3 notifications before the password is expired.
Max Mail Size Allowed 25 MB Send/ Receive set to 25 MB including attachment
No. of mails per user per hour 499 Rate limit set to 499 per user / hour. An alert is sent to Logix Admin & the account is blocked if it reaches above the limit set.
No. of recipients per mail 99 User is allowed to send mail to 99 recipients including TO, CC, & BCC from email client, Web Client & from Hand held device.
Accounts & Groups User Add/ Delete/ Modify Admin will be able to Add, Delete & Modify (email, first name, last name) account details.
Mass Upload Admin can quickly upload the users in bulk.
Export Userlist Admin has the faclility to quickly export the list of users created in the cpanel
Plan Change Admin has the option to upgrade the user from Basic to Professional without actually having to delete the user.
Vacation Responder for Users Admin can set vacation responder for user & user can set set his Out of Office by himself
Account Information Change Admin can update user’s account information DOB, Gender, Dept, Company, Mobile, Address, etc
Account Status Admin can change the account status to, Active – User sends & receives email, De-active – user cannot login, but messages are accepted, Disabled – user cannot login, messages are rejected
Spam Digest Emails A digest mail which list all mail headers which user was supposed to receive but have got quarantined as they are identified as Spam Mail
Email Alias/Forwarding Domain Admin can set up to 5 Aliases & 5 Forwarding id on their email account
Distribution List Creation domain Admin can create Distribution List
Member Add for DL Admin can add the members in the DL
Authorized Sender for DL External or Internal Sender ID can be made as Authorized Sender for a DL
Export DL Admin has the facility to export all the DL’s & their members from the cpanel
DL Mass Add Member Support Ticket to be raised Ticket has to be raised & DL list/ members to Logix support for this Request
Policies Attachment Stripping Support Ticket to be raised Emails with attachments above specified size will be replaced with a url link. If the policy is set to for. Eg 1 MB, any mails above 1 MB will be sent or received using a HTML link
Permitted Recipients Support Ticket to be raised Restrict Users/Groups to send/receive mails only from certain specified external domains Ex. User A allowed to send/receive only from local & email ids.
Send Local Mails only Support Ticket to be raised Restrict User/Group to send mails within the domain
Email size restriction Support Ticket to be raised Set User/Group wise mail size restriction to send/receive mails Ex. User A allowed to send 2 mb while User B allowed to send only 3 mb of email size.
Block List Support Ticket to be raised Restrict users from receiving mails from few domains.
Attachment Type Restriction Support Ticket to be raised Set User/Group wise attachment extension restriction to send/recive mails. Ex. User A allowed only .pdf, .docx, etc while User B restricted to send .pdf. Blocking goes with the exact match of extension, renamed files will not be blocked
Wiretap Content Support Ticket to be raised Specified words or phrases found in mail, action of redirecting or copy of the mail can be re-directed to monitoring ID.
Footers Support Ticket to be raised Append HTML footers to your organization’s Emails
BCC Usage Support Ticket to be raised BCC Marked mails can be redirected or notified to monitoring ID
BCC Block Support Ticket to be raised Restrict User/Group from sending mail with BCC recipient marked in the mail
Mail Monitoring Support Ticket to be raised Mails sent/received by specific User/Group, copy of the mail can be re-directed to monitoring ID. Ex. Sent/Received mails of User A & User B, copy of mails will be monitored by Admin ID
Webmail Restriction Domain admin can block specific users from accessing webmail
For all the above policies support ticket needs to be raised through Logix ticketing system.
Reports Quota Report Displays mailbox Quota Allocated & Occupied by the user, report can be export in csv format.
Statistics Report, Top Sender, Top Recipient & Data transfer Reports can be exported in csv format
Mail Tracking Domain admin can perform sender & recipient search activity online
Activity Report Display Active / Inactive user accounts who have / Haven’t logged on to webmail for X days
ATP Report Displays total count of Spam, Virus, Malware, Spoofed & VOF that has been blocked by the Email Security Gateway.
Admin Activity Log Displays last admin login details and the activity done by the admin
Add-On Features Mail Vault Compliance Email Archiving

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