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Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, both public and private.

Built on the power of virtualization and cloud expertise, Zimbra can be deployed in a private cloud as a virtual appliance or hosted in the public cloud, making it easy for IT to deploy, manage and scale at dramatically lower costs compared to other legacy systems.
With a feature-rich browser-based interface, Zimbra enables end users to seamlessly and securely connect to their personal clouds from any device or platform. And, Zimbra’s smarter mailbox helps users manage their information and activity across email, calendar, voice, social, address book, tasks and enterprise applications.
Zimbra simplifies IT by providing anywhere, anytime access for administrators with easy-to-use web-based tools to manage access and policies for diverse groups of users, all with fewer resources, lower costs and less risk.

Set Mail Restrictions

Restrict Users/Groups to send/receive mails only from certain specified

External domains

Ex. User A allowed to send/receive only from local & email ids.

Email Size

Restriction Set User/Group wise mail size restriction to send/receive mails Ex. User A allowed to send 2 mb while User B allowed to send only 3 mb of email size.

Attachment Type Restriction

Set User/Group wise attachment extension restriction to send/recive Blocking goes with the exact match of extension, renamed files will not be blocked mails.


Append HTML footers to your organization's Emails

Mail Monitoring

Mails sent/received by specific User/Group, copy of the mail can be re-directed to monitoring ID. Ex. Sent/Received mails of User A & User B, copy of mails will be monitored by Admin ID.

Restrict Usage of BCC

Restrict User/Group from sending mail with BCC recipient marked in the mail.

Wiretap Content

Specified words or phrases found in mail, action of redirecting or copy of the mail can be re-directed to monitoring ID.

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